Founded in October 2017 as a non-profit organization, the Literary Society of Pakistan aims at promoting literature in Pakistan. It also aims to celebrate Pakistani literature produced in Pakistani languages including but not limited to Balochi, Brahvi, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, and Urdu. The Society is equally proud of Pakistan’s Anglophone literature.

The Society is committed to providing platforms (website, social media groups and pages, conferences, reading sessions, seminars, symposia) where Pakistani writers and writing can be published, read, discussed, and appreciated. From writers, we mean all the creative and academic practitioners, and from writings we mean all genres and styles of literary and critical works. The Society also regards translators and sees translation as a significant means of engaging in cross-cultural dialogues within Pakistan and beyond.

We work with an understanding that literature produced in different regions of Pakistan builds and is build out of a wide range of geographical, social, cultural, and historical contexts that add to the richness and beauty of this world.

Our membership is open to anyone interested in literature: poets, novelists, writers of short and flash fiction or creative non-fiction, scholars and literary critics, and students and teachers of literature.

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